• We are Attacked by NSA
  • We Are Back

hello every one


Unfortunately, we were one of the victims of the attack NSA and the download server is located in uncertainty and it is not possible to download.
Please be patient as we find a solution to fix this problem
The attack had sacrificed thousands of servers and nobody to this day can not solve it.

We have two options.

1. wait for the problem to be solved globally by experts in the field and the solution was presented to the public.
2. indicating all got our archive. And rebuild the entire archive. But this work is very long and hard. And to date we have once had to rebuild the archive.

For now, we have chosen option one and wait for a perfect solution if it's going to be long so we moved to option Two.


Good luck

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hello everyone
first of all we have a big apologisy for the past three to six month.
we have so many problems and we dont have the necessary devices to fix the damn problems. so we waited for better computer to fix those and we droped the website.
good news is we got it and fixed some of the problems and website is back on track for the last while. we are going to have a fresh start and add some Feature and going to active for future.
Improtant Note: we are back and we are going to update.

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